Earn Income, Earn Credit, Enhance your Resume!

The Internship Program will provide you with workplace experience and opportunity to build your resume as a high school student. Furthermore, you can expand your network of connections with industry professionals you may meet.

Download the application packet below:

Internship Application Packet


A completed application includes.
1. Application Cover Letter
2. Your Cover Letter
3. Internship Application
4. Reference Forms. – Print 3 copies to secure references. Please do not include family members.
5. Unofficial Transcript – You can request this from Guidance. OR email Samanatha McMullen to request the one page unofficial transcript.

When all items are complete, submit to Ms. Alper in 101J. The complete application is due March 15, 2018! Prepare for the Internship Expo on April 26, 2018.

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